Freezing (Single)

“Freezing” is the third studio release from Backseat Soundtrack.

“Freezing is a high energy indie rock song with strong vocal melodies, sound design and upbeat progressions. I loved the sound of the full band with bass, electric, acoustic, piano and drums. The lead vocal had an excellent presence in the mix and confident vocal tone with awesome background harmonies.”
-All Authentic (Ella Goldin)

Release Date: March 23, 2020
Music & Lyrics by: Mike Vincent Fisher
Drums & Percussion by: Charlie Buice
Produced by: Mike Vincent Fisher, Nigel Clark, Charlie Buice
Engineer by: Nigel Clark at Root Recording
Recorded at: Stinson Recording Studio in Austin, TX

Where to Listen or Download “Freezing”

Spotify: Listen Here

iTunes/Apple Music: Buy Here
Deezer: Click Here
Tidal: Click Here
Bandcamp: Buy Here
Soundcloud: Listen Here

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